Top 30+ Profile Creation List 2019

Profile Creation Sites

As you all know that Profile Creation Sites are very important in SEO because by creating a profile for your company or personal use we can get Backlink from it. and Backlink is very important to rank factor for SEO.

With these high Domain Authority sites. you can procure solid and enduring backlink for your site. furthermore, those backlinks will demonstrate viable for your SEO. Lift your SEO score with these astounding profile creation sites.

profile creation sites

Guide for Profile Creation

Open any website on these lists and sign up. Use your original details, like name, email and address Etc. and writes an impressive bio about you and put a link of your website in the websites column given.

If website column is not given then try to put your website link in bio field and use it in a proper manner.

With these simple steps, you will able to create a high-quality backlink for your website.



Guide to Installing ADB & Fastboot on Windows, Linux & Mac

Both the tools of ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot are vital for Android connoisseur. They are kind of elixirs that can do much of things ranging from backup devices to change in the display resolution. You can download and install it with a few quick clicks. ADB command is a tool which Google provides to its developers for debugging several parts of their system. It can be used for all variety of hidden tricks.

adb & fastboot

You have first to operate Toolkit of Android SDK that is enveloped with ADB, Fastboot tools. Google periodically updates this toolkit. The rate of installation process can be depended on the OS (operating system).  Once you have done with it, ensure that you press the section of “All Operating Systems” for completing the work.

Installation of Android SDK Tools in Windows

The users of Windows can efficiently run the .exe file. For installing the Android SDK toolkit, you have to follow the steps. But after completion of installation, you will get the prompt message for updating the SDK Tools. If you get the menu bar then ensure that “Android SDK Platform-tools” button is chosen after that you can press “Install”. When this installation process is completed, a tool of Android SDK will be kept in location path of [C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\folder]. This location path is needed while launching a command window inside the folder of platform-tools where you will have to install ADB commands. For getting integration with your device, you can load the drivers of ADB.

Installation of standalone ADB tool in Windows

Firstly, you need to download the application named ADB installer and then run the file with the following timely notices. After this, you will employ ADB and Fastboot commands. For doing this, you have to visit [C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot\folder], then press the shift key and then right-click on any vacant space. You can pick out the option of “Open command window here”.

Installation of Android SDK Tools in Mac

You can extract the Zip file to the folder that you can access quickly. Similarly here you should remember the location path of the folder because here you can launch a command window or Terminal. You can go to the folder of “android-sdk-macosx” then navigate the folder of “tools”. Now, you can double press the file of “android” to open the Android SDK installation kit. You should ensure that the option of “Android SDK Platform-tools” is chosen and then press “Install”. After doing this, you have to press the “Accept” button while prompted notifications about the license agreements.

Installation of standalone ADB tool in Mac & Linux In case of Mac or Windows, you can’t install tools like ADB and Fastboot. You can use a Terminal window/command. But, you don’t require to be worried about operating command “cd” to obtain ADB or Fastboot tools. You can install these tools in that method permitting to employ them from any directory. For installing ADB and Fastboot, you have to operate a script. As Terminal command will manage to download, there is no real file or folder to load. You have to execute the command in Terminal. For running the command, you should have proper internet network. You have to insert the passcode to continue.

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Guide to Creating Page Borders in Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word has the feature that can make the page borders. You can try the border of having a single line, many lines, and picture borders. For imparting the settings for page borders, you can choose the tab of “Design” of the ribbon. After that, you can select the option of “Page Borders” from the section of Page Background of the menu bar.

Here below are the instructions for creating the page borders in the file of Microsoft Word:

microsoft word 2016

1. Employ the predefined lines in the form of Page Border

You can try the page border with a single line or multiple lines with a variety of line effects on your file. These borders with lines can offer the professional look on your files. For employing preset lines for Page Border, follow the given steps:

•    Press “Box” within the section of “Settings”, in case you have not already chosen it.

•    Choose the option of “Line Style” within the section of “Style” at the mid of display. You can head the list for looking at the variety of line style effects.

•    Choose the “Line Color” within the pull-down menu of “Color”.

•    Similarly, you can choose “Line Width” under the menu bar of “Width”.

•    Within the section of “Preview”, you can choose the multiple positions for bordering the page. You can also press the border located on the image of “Preview” for toggling it on or off. You can realize the appearance of the page of Word file.

•    You can employ the option of “Apply To” in the pull-down menu bar for choosing the pages that you desire the page borders to look like. In the list of a variety of different effects on the page borders, it depends on the composition of the page that which one will be imparted. You can pick out the options among Whole document, This section, First Page only etc.

•    When you have built your selections then press OK for imparting the line border on your Word file.

2. Employ clip art as in the form of Page Borders

The Microsoft Word has inbuilt clip art to utilize it in page border. Besides the funny, exciting pictures, there is a multitude of options like push pins, art deco styles etc. For employing these, you have to launch the dialogue box of “Border and Shading”. After that, press button of “Box” within the section of “Settings” when not chosen. It will impart the page border to the whole documents. In case you desire to impart the page border for particular positions, for instances top or bottom of the documents, then you can press “Custom”. Thereafter, Art border can be added by following steps:

•    Choose the option of “Art” in the pull-down menu bar within the section of “Style” located at the mid of the display. You can go to the list for viewing the variety of multiple art styles.

•    You can choose the art style as per your choice.

•    For altering the chosen B/W art border into a solid colour, you can choose the section of “Color” pull-down menu bar.

•    You can choose the width under the section of “Width” pull-down menu bar.

•    You can employ the section of “Preview” for adjusting the position of page border. You can tap the page border on the picture of “Preview” for toggling it off or on mode.

•    You can employ the menu bar of “Apply To” for choosing that page on which you desire to impart the page border.

•    Press the option of “OK” for imparting the art border in your file.

3. Modification of the Page Border margins

For creating the page border with your preferences, you can modify the page by adjusting the page border along with the page margins. For doing this, you can make the page border with the given steps:

•    Press the button of “Options” placed on the bottom of page borders and Shading dialogue box.

•    Press the field of the page margin and insert the size of new page margin. You can press the button of arrows placed at the right side of each page margin field.

•    You can employ the measurement scale from the pull-down menu bar to click “Select” option in case you desire the page margin from the corner of the page or the text written on this.

•    In case you desire, you can decline to choose the option of “Always Display in Front” for having the border looks behind the co-occurred text. In case you accept to choose then the page border will be shown in front of the co-occurred text.

•    Press the option of “OK” for returning to the dialogue box of “Borders and Shading”. •    Press the option of “OK” to add the page border on your files.

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Top 4 Tricks for Preventing Your Phone from Overheating

In phones, extreme heating levels can lead to a lot of adverse outcomes. For instance, the battery may get exhausted quickly; the phone may suddenly switch off, etc. Other issues may also appear, so to avoid such issues in your phone kindly go through this blog carefully.

How to prevent your phone from overheating?

top 4 tricks for preventing your phone from overheating
  1. Prevent sun rays from falling on your phones

If by chance your phone gets sun rays falling on it, then it will be heated up because of the sun and will stay heated for more time. So it is better not to keep phones in direct contact with the sun rays.

  • Removing unnecessary applications

Supporting additional applications which you don’t use can use up a lot of battery charge and may also lead to heating of your phones. For instance, on smartphones, people have to tap their home button two times and need to close the applications. Switching it off may result in the easy working of your phones, and this will prevent from getting it hot.

  • Put it in flight mode

It is the easiest method to stop your phone from getting heated as in flight mode you can utilise only some of the functions and not all of its features. This method too helps in preventing of heating up and also saves the battery.

  • Purchase a glare screen rather than increasing the background light

Increasing the brightness level of your phone will lead in complication in the working of your phone. So it’s better to purchase a glare screen. Glare screen even supports working in the sun.

  • Additional suggestions

Appropriate temperature– To avoid heating your phone is better to make it cool. For cooling, you can power on your phone and keep your phone under the fan because the only thing which matters is its cooling. You can even blow at the backside of the phone to make your phone cool if it gets heated up. However, putting the phone inside the fridge will be a terrible idea. It’s necessary to make the phone avoid extreme kind of temperature as it can give stress to your phone and damage it completely.

Deleting applications-If your phone is getting heated up, then you must start selecting the applications that you don’t use. For instance, remove games, music and movies etc.

Updating the applications- This may seem like unbelievable but it in actual works. It is very easy to do. And this works because updating the phone leads in better working of the phone.

Don’t put your phone on top of another one- You should not put your working phone on top of any of the hot working device because if you do it, then chances of overheating are more possible. Hope, this blog would have been helpful for you.

Marshall Lyne is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Mcafee security products at

Top 4 Steps For Doing Online Analysis Work Of A Topic

Analysing any topic over the net is a talent especially hidden in a blog and web content writers most of the time. But whenever it comes for tough topics, even the professional writer experts get confused about the steps that they should follow to present a perfect piece of analysis.

Go through this blog before doing online analysis work and to save your lot of time.

top 4 steps for doing online analysis work of a topic
  1. Managing the information at the beginning itself

Maintaining the data in the starting can result in not just saving your lot of time but also from preventing you the vital information that you collected. For instance, you should always keep the link to every website that you go through from the initial stage only to avoid any risk of losing important data. To get a good output, you should always write a bit for every link so that you don’t forget the reason behind saving that link. The same lies in with the pictures that are helpful for your analysis.

  • If you require managing a vast collection of information, then I recommend you to use applications that are related to note-taking such as Evernote, OneNote, or Google Keep. Using these will be very helpful for making your analysis work super perfect.
  • Try to collect detailed information

Don’t miss out any of the points because shortcuts may seem tempting but can result in confusion. There are chances that by leaving any of the vital information the topic concept will not get clear to the reader properly. So it’s better to search and mention every info than what you expect it to be required.

  • You can refer Wikipedia to find necessary basic information related to your topic.
  • Devote some time in selecting work

After having a bundle of information with you, it’s better to filter it out and pay attention to the significant chosen facts. Note that you should always try out making the connection between the two or more concepts rather than for going to submit them on separate sections.

  • Connecting ideas makes the concept exciting and more clear for the reader.
  • Check your analysis twice

After you have finisheds your analysis work- check out by reading it twice that whether your work is meaningful and appropriate. Luckily, plenty of websites can help you to let you the data you have collected is relevant or not. For instance, websites like or Snopes are amazing. Pay heed that you don’t fully get fully dependant on it.

Marshall Lyne is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

Top 4 Methods To Stop Windows Update From Creating Any Problems

Luckily, most of the time while installing updates by Microsoft the system doesn’t deal with any problem. There is a vast difference between most and always. Though issues are not faced on a regular basis but when your system crashes it  can lead to a lot of disruption. Follow the tips given below

top 4 methods to stop windows update from creating any problems

Do it for once!

  • The most significant task is to have back up of your data and to save it too. Many of the times when your system crashes people don’t get worried about the physical hard drive but rather worry for the information that they have put on it. There are multiple methods to back up the data, like copying the saved files, audios and videos to a pen drive or else with the help of the net having backup facility etc.
  • Modifying the Windows Update setting is one another easy way to prevent problematic items from getting installed by its own. Mostly, in every  type of Windows, this implies modifying the setting to install updates by allowing the user to decide they want to install or not. However, safety-related updates get downloaded automatically without even asking, but they will ask before installing them.

Remember it before installing any of the updates-

  1. At the time of thunderstorms always avoid installation of updates which can make a power loss at any time. It is so because it can corrupt files that get updated at that point of time.
  2. Starting your system once again matters a lot. Always remember to restart it from the windows itself and ensure that your system begins again correctly. If by chance your system doesn’t start to work again then try to know the way of making work your system after switching it on.
  3. Make a place where you save things once again before putting your system in updates even though windows updates makes it before downloading anything problematic. After all it’s better to make it by yourself to be in the safe side and to remain protected from any issues. Sadly, many users have observed that this doesn’t work out at the time they are in need of it.
  4. Disabling the antivirus-After disabling the antivirus prog. during installing any prog. can often stop downloading issues. Similarly, the same thing should be done before updating Windows.

With the help of the methods mentioned above, you will be able to use your Windows system smoothly.

Marshall Lyne is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry from last 10 year. As a technical expert, he has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as .

How to Enable iOS 12 Security Features?

Are you running iOS 12 on your iPhone? Good news for you all iOS 12 users have now got an enhanced set of security features available than before. On September 12 Apple released its new products and services including the iOS 12 software update for iPhone and iPads. While Apple has committed to providing enormous security and privacy on its iOS 12 and other devices, and it allows the users to use these new devices in knowing some susceptible information is safe. However, Apple adds multiples of security features in its iOS 12 which responds to ever-evolving threats and some new ways so that users can easily interact with the World.


If you are searching for the new security tools and features, your search is over here. There are various helpful security settings and tools offered by Apple in iOS 12 which you have to enable right now to protect your information and reduce the security risk. ‘

Best Security Features of iOS 12

Feature-1: Select Available Features from Your Lockscreen

Before using this feature, we advise you that the users of iPhone always have to protect their device with a passcode, but based on your settings, lots of information can be accessed when your device is locked. Therefore, it is because your iPhone lock screen can permit you to easily access text messages, Phone calls, Siri, and many more things you want to do with the iPhone. But don’t worry, now the iOS 12 allows you to control what features you have to available on your lock screen. Modify those settings by following the below-given methods:

  1. Hit the “Settings” icon to open the settings window.
  2. Press the “Face ID & Passcode” option on your iPhone.
  3. Now, provide your “Passcode” under the box.
  4. After that, scroll down the screen and choose “Allow Access When Locked” section.
  5. Under the “Allow Access When Locked” section options are as follows:
  • Today view.
  • Control Center.
  • Notification Center.
  • Siri.
  • Reply with Messages.
  • Home Control.
  • Return Missed Calls.
  • USB Accessories.
  1. If any of the available feature you want to block access to from the lock screen, click on the slider to off position to disable that option.

Feature-2: Set Autofill Passwords Requires Touch ID or Face ID

In iOS 12, luckily there is a setting which can make accessing your saved usernames and passwords more secure than before. Here how to enable that feature:

  1. Press the “Settings” icon to open it.
  2. Click on the “Face ID & Passcode” option appears on your iPhone settings section
  3. Next, type your “Passcode” in the box appears on your screen.
  4. Finally, click on the “Password Autofill” slider to “On” position enable it.

Once you changed the settings to enable position, the saved username and password can only be accessed by only someone who can authorize themselves by using the Face ID and Touch ID.

Feature-3: ‘Turn On’ USB Restricted Mode

Sometimes, some devices are used by the law enforcement to breached iPhones, but it can be used by anyone who has access to your phone. These devices are easily connected to your iPhone by simply using the USB. Now, in iOS 12 has its new features by which you can block that device. Here how to enable it:

  1. Hit “Settings” icon to launch the settings window.
  2. Press the “Face ID & Passcode” option.
  3. After that, provide your iPhone “Passcode” in the box appears on your screen.
  4. Now, drop-down the screen and select “Allow Access When Locked” section.
  5. Finally, click on the “USB Accessories” slider to turn it off.

Marshall Lyne is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at